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Mac RAM Upgrade

Mac RAM Upgrade

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Mac RAM Upgrade: Most Macs are purchased with between 4GB and 8GB of RAM as standard.  If your Mac has the lower end of this range you’ll quickly find it’s just not enough for your usage.  If your system is running low on RAM, you will experience slowdowns when launching applications, loading documents, and this will only worsen when you upgrade your operating system. 

The most recent versions of macOS require at least 8GB for optimised performance and that’s not taking into consideration the regular updates for your applications. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and other apps need memory too! In fact, the more RAM you have, the better so get in touch and we’ll offer impartial advice on upgrading the RAM in your Mac. 

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The following sections provide information from Apple knowledge base documents and show you the maximum capacities of your specific model and will help you decide on your Mac RAM Upgrade